Transfer to Secondary Schools

TRANSFER TO SECONDARY SCHOOL-This occurs at the end of Year 6 in the Junior School when your child has reached eleven years of age.  Towards the end of summer/beginning of September, a letter is sent to parents by Essex County Councill admissions with a password for parents to apply for secondary schools online.  Applications must be completed by 31st October.

A meeting is also held at Limes Farm Junior School during the autumn term where parents have the opportunity to voice their concerns and clarify any issues relating to secondary transfer with a member of the Essex County Councill admissions team. 

Secondary schools arrange visiting sessions during the autumn term for prospective pupils and also organise an induction session during the summer term for pupils about to attend their schools.  Most Heads of Year 7 visit our school to meet their prospective pupils and receive information from our staff.  Our school works closely with local secondary schools in order to ensure that pupils feel confident and optimistic about this important change in their lives.